Natural Stone Veneer Products And Installation Tips

19 July 2022
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Natural stone veneers are thin slabs of stone that are designed to emulate the physical properties of building stones. A stone veneer can be used as residential or commercial siding pieces. These products can also be used to create beautiful columns, retaining walls, and interior wall or flooring surfaces.

The Manufacturer

A manufacturer may feature limestone, quartz, and other stone varieties that have been mined through a rock quarry. Stones are washed, classified, and cut during the manufacturing process. Some manufacturers may feature polished pieces. A polished stone veneer will have a glossy surface that is smooth. An unfinished stone product may feature blemishes, unique markings, and other characteristics that stones would naturally possess when they are dug up from the earth.

Color variations will provide a veneer product with character. A manufacturer may feature standard veneer products that are relatively uniform in size. A manufacturer who sells custom products may use automated cutting processes to prepare veneers. The thickness and shape of a veneer can be selected for a custom building project. 

The Adhesion Process

A stone veneer's thickness and size may reflect upon what type of surface the veneer should be attached to. A product that is heavy may not remain stable on a flimsy surface. A manufacturer will provide adhesion guidelines. These guidelines will indicate what type of surface to install veneers on and the adhesion materials that will be needed to stabilize each veneer. Stone veneers are not structural materials. They are used solely for aesthetical purposes.

Due to the heavy weight of some stone products, a consumer may decide to purchase relatively thin stone veneers or synthetic veneers that are light in weight. Some faux products are designed to look exactly like a specific stone variety but may be constructed of foam or another lightweight product. If stone veneers will be installed outdoors, the project should take place on a day when it is not raining.

High humidity levels could have a bearing on how well a stone product will adhere to a structural surface. Mortar mix can be used to attach veneers to concrete and other durable surfaces. Mortar should be prepared in advance and can be added to a mortar bag. A bag can be used to dispense mortar along the surface where veneers are being added. Grout is often used to fill in joints between stone products. Grout is a material that has a gritty texture.

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