Spiral Freezer Usage Within A Manufacturing Plant

16 November 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Rapid freezing (flash freezing) is used to quickly remove heat from the surface of perishable items. A spiral freezer system that utilizes a cryogenic or mechanical process can be used to prepare products that will be stored onsite or transported to another facility

Cryogenic And Mechanical Properties

A spiral freezer system contains a conveyor belt setup, a thermostat, and evaporator fans. The spiral design maximizes the belt surface space. This allows large quantities of products to undergo a rapid freezing process in a short amount of time. Some spiral freezers contain dual conveyor setups. One belt may lift products up into the chamber where freezing takes place and the other belt may lower products to their point of origin.

A cryogenic refrigeration process involves the use of low-temperature refrigerants. Liquid nitrogen, liquid carbon dioxide, and solid carbon dioxide are common refrigerants that are used with a spiral freezer system. A mechanical refrigeration process involves the use of a manmade heat exchange system. A heat exchange system will use a fluid refrigerant and a compressor system. These two components will remove heat from products that are inside of a freezer.

Benefits And Adjustments

If you own a business that mass-produces consumables, investing in a spiral freezer can be beneficial to your industry. Standard freezers will require a considerable amount of time to reduce the temperature of a food product. A slow freezing process may result in large ice crystals forming on packaging. A spiral freezer will lower the temperature of products quickly. The freezing process will kill bacteria. The texture, flavor, and color of raw or cooked products will remain intact.

A spiral freezer's temperature control panel, belt speed, and airflow may need to be adjusted on occasion. The weight of food products, their shape and size, and the type of product that is being flash-frozen should be assessed prior to using a unit to preserve the products. Misuse of a freezer, which includes moving items too quickly through a unit or overloading a conveyor belt, could result in products being ruined during the freezing process.

The belt width, belt length, and conveyor arrangement may differentiate between spiral freezer models. When consulting with a freezer dealer, relay information about the amount of warehouse space you have and the types of products that are being manufactured at your place of business. Compare freezer models that are adequately sized for your place of business.