Key Considerations When Investing in a Security Gate for Your Commercial Property

22 October 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

One of the best ways to keep the wrong people away from your commercial property is to set up a gated security system. Then only authorized individuals should be able to gain entry. 

Here are some tips that can help you invest in one of these specialty gate systems.

Adding an Automatic Opener

You'll need to open and close your gate regularly, so you'll want to make sure that it's convenient to use. It will be if you include an automatic opener in its design. When you want to open or close the gate, you can just press a button and a motor will open the gate for you. 

Identity verification or locked-key systems can be incorporated, so don't be shy about saving yourself the extra labor of having to open and close it every time you pass it. This can be especially convenient if your gate is heavy or difficult to move manually. 

Choosing Suitable Materials

You need to account for the weather when choosing a security gate for your commercial property. Moisture, heavy winds, and even temperature extremes can be damaging and break down gate materials. That's why you should focus on weather and rust-proof properties from the beginning when choosing the type of gate you'll use.

Steel gates that have powder coats -- for example -- might be a good investment if you need a heavy-duty, rust-resistant gate. Weatherproof aluminum is another, lighter-weight material you can depend on to prevent rust from destroying the structural makeup of this important security investment.

Be sure to source your gate or the materials for it from a reputable company, like Incom Inc. As the first line of defense for your property, you'll want a strong, long-lasting gate that will hold up against regular use, exposure to the elements, and potential attempts to break into your property. 

Adding Security Cameras

Installing a security gate around your commercial property is a good idea if you need to screen who comes in and out. Security cameras will also allow you to monitor activity on and around your property. You can equip them to record activity around key areas, including your security gate. 

Consider where the gate camera will best fit your needs. There are professional installers that can make these assessments for you, saving you time and ensuring an optimal placement is achieved. They can recommend you a camera whose features will work best for your needs, including what resolution you'll need, how and where the footage is recorded, whether it is battery-powered, where to put it, and more.