4 Reasons To Work With PVC Coated Fabric

19 October 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

When you are working with fabric, it is essential to get the right material for the job. A special fabric is required for many fabric items that are used for industrial and commercial uses. For example, you can't just use any type of cloth to make a protective outfit for a firefighter, create a hot-air balloon, or make a life jacket. Fabrics used for those applicants need to have unique properties.

That is where something like PVC vinyl fabrics come into play. A PVC coated fabric is a synthetic fabric that is specially engineered for commercial and industrial applications. They are specially crafted using chemicals that strengthen the material.

1. Resistant to Flame

One of the most significant benefits of PVC fabric is that it is designed to resist flames. It has an extremely high ignition temperature, meaning it can be used to create fire-resistant clothing. For example, it is used to make gear for firefighters or hot air balloons, where exposure to high temperatures is just part of the job. The material can withstand exposure to high temperatures without catching fire, making it very valuable for any situation where being fire resistant is essential.

2. Resistant to Chemicals and Oils

Many fabrics absorb chemicals and oils when they come into contact with them. A PVC-coated fabric will not do that. It is made to resist oils and chemicals. They will not absorb or dissolve into the specially coated material. This is important in situations where fabric is exposed to chemicals and oils, such as a conveyor belt, a hydraulic hose, or an industrial tarp. This property makes PVC-coated fabrics great for industrial usage.

3. Mechanically Stable

Next, PVC-coated fabrics are designed to be mechanically stable. That means that the molecular structure is not going to be easy to manipulate or change. That helps create a stable structure, which is essential when building items designed to last for the long term, such as parachutes, seat covers, and boat roofs. The stability of the material is not going to decrease in time.

4. Moldable

Finally, PVC fabric is a flexible fabric that can be molded to fit any needs that you have. It can be used to make mattress covers, awnings for a building, or a convertible roof. It can be molded into specific shapes and designs, making it useful for commercial and industrial use.

When choosing a fabric to work with for commercial and industrial usage, be sure to consider PVC coated fabric, which is moldable, mechanically stable, resistant to chemicals and oils, and fire-resistant.