Arguing With A Savvy Gold Seller? How To Win The Argument

13 November 2018
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The "information super-highway" that makes everyone an "expert" is often what causes a lot of problems for a lot of businesses. Yes, you should never attempt any sort of transaction without sounding well-informed and intelligent, but you also should not come off sounding like an expert (unless you actually are an expert and have either the degrees or experience to back it). That said, everyone is a little savvy when it comes to this or that. When you are buying gold, you want to be savvy, but your sellers may believe that they are equally savvy (which they might be). If you ever get into an argument with a "savvy" gold seller over the value of the gold he/she is trying to sell you, here is how you can win that argument.

​Gold Testing Kits

Part of the reason for getting into any argument over the price of gold is determining if the gold is as pure as the seller says it is. Thankfully, you can test the gold with a special kit that does not hurt the gold, but it will tell you just how pure it really is. Always have one of these kits on hand, regardless of where and how you buy gold. Knowing the exact purity of the gold may save you hundreds of dollars in over-cost purchases. The testing kit will also help you show the seller that he/she is attempting to sell for far too much, and that you expect to pay for what the gold is actually worth (or less!).

The Real Time Gold Sales and Valuation Apps

Like most people, you probably have a smartphone. Well, now is as good a time as any to make that smartphone work for you. There are apps that will tell you in real time what the current sale price for gold is, along with the prices for certain purities of gold. If the seller wants to argue that the selling price on an eighteen-karat gold necklace is twenty-four dollars an ounce, you can whip out your phone with the app and show them exactly what the current value of eighteen-karat gold actually is in real time.

Better still, download the gold buying app that also weighs​ the gold for you and tells you exactly what you should pay. (This is only recommended for small amounts of gold. Large amounts of gold will still need to be weighed on a jeweler's scale.) Now the seller cannot argue with you over price because you can show him/her exactly what the price currently is, and not what it was an hour ago.

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