Basic Application Of Overmolded Cable In Military And High-Demand Situations

30 August 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Military spec wiring is wiring that is designed to withstand pretty much any and every hazard that it could face. From weather-related threats to chemical exposure, these wires can stand up to it all. If you need heavy-duty wiring for a project you are working on, you may want military spec wiring or overmolded cable. Here's a look at the basics of overmolded cable and its basic durability.

Overmolded Cable Basics

Overmolded cable consists of a combination of the connector and the cable in one single assembly. The assembly is then placed in a mold and covered with a molten material. That material will conform to the shape of the cable, protecting it entirely. You can use all sorts of materials for that overmolding process, including certain types of plastic, rubber, PVC, and more.

Overmolded Cable Protection

One of the best reasons to use overmolded cable in a demanding environment is because of its natural protective properties. When the cabling and wiring are overmolded, all of the delicate components are completely protected. They are encapsulated entirely by the molding material. This protects all of those components from exposure to any external components, including things like chemicals, abrasives, and even severe weather hazards.

Whether you're dealing with military environments, high-traffic areas, or even busy industrial environments, there are great options available. For example, military spec wiring is usually covered by polyurethane because it provides significant protection against abrasion, is able to stand up to severe weather, and even has the ability to hold up to heavy loads.

Overmolded Cable Lifespan

Another great reason to opt for overmolded cable is its extended lifespan. Where traditional wiring will suffer wear and tear due to the usual strain and pulls, overmolded cable won't be subject to those same threats. The molding will provide a barrier of protection against these things, allowing for a longer lifespan of your cable investment.

Overmolded Cable Customization

Another benefit of overmolded cable is the fact that it can be customized to meet your needs. Not only can you opt for specific colors for the molding material to improve the aesthetics of your environment, you can also select specific wiring combinations and sustainability needs. Your wiring contractor can even conduct a series of test molds to ensure the water resistance, protection, and performance so that you can be sure that it will meet your needs.

As you can see, when you need specialty wiring like that in the military sector, overmolded cable is a great option.