Helpful Information About Gas Plant Pipelines

21 May 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Did a small explosion at your gas plant lead to you learning that many of the pipelines are in a poor condition? It is important for you to take the steps to make sure that the same problem doesn't happen again, and you must act in a fast manner. The next explosion can be bigger and cause more damage, or even injure someone. When the pipelines are being repaired, you should also take the steps to protect them against outside elements that can make it easier for them to burst, such as freezing weather conditions. Below, you will find a few suggestions in regards to repairing damaged pipelines and keeping them safe.

Get Custom Pipelines Manufactured if it is Necessary

The first thing that you should do is shutdown the gas in the area of your plant that is in need of new pipelines. You should then contact a manufacturing company to get new pipelines constructed, especially if you need ones that are custom. The equipment used at most companies will allow the pipes to be manufactured in a timely manner so you won't have to leave your plant down for a long time. For instance, CNC machines are often used for cutting and fabricating pipes, which reduces the need for a large amount of manual labor being done during the process. Keep in mind that the pipes can also be treated with a special coating that will keep them more durable.

Ensure That Your Pipelines Are Insulated Upon Installation

The most important thing that you can do when your new pipes are being installed is to get them insulated. If your pipes caused an explosion due to them freezing up, getting an insulation material installed around them can prevent such a problem from happening in the future. The insulation materials will not only be able to protect the pipes against freezing weather conditions, but can also assist with problems that can occur from condensation. The main thing that condensation can do is cause pipelines to corrode in an untimely manner. However, the extent of corrosion will depend on the quality of pipes that you choose to get installed.

Make Sure the Pipelines Are Inspected on Occasion

When your new pipelines are in place and the gas plant is back in order, pay for professional inspections every now and then. The inspections will give you the opportunity to catch problematic pipelines and make repairs before the cause another explosion.

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