Does Your Business Use Casting Machines? 2 Types You Can Choose From

21 May 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If your business uses casting machines, it is important that you use the type that is best for your company. To help you, below is some information about two types, the index casting machine, and the shuttle casting machine. You should then be able to decide what would work best for the processes you do for your company.

Index Machines

With an index machine the first table is known as the mold table. This table has five separate stations: the loading station, the casting station, and unloading station, and the spray station. All the stations rotate as they are being used. There are advantages of choosing an index machine for your company. One of the main advantages is the function you are doing can be performed at different stations while you are dwelling or solidifying the part.

For example, If the index machine locks up, the sleeve and the second piston on the shot table can remove the part, lubricate the piston, and then put more molten metal into the sleeve. When the process is completed, the shot table rotates and new molten metal is brought to the casting position.  

Shuttle Machines

Shuttle machines can be used to make a variety of parts in different sizes. The machine can rotate and mold your parts. Shuttle machines are not large so they do not use a lot of floor space. The machine has one or two carriages, and an oven that has a station on each side used for cooling, loading, and then unloading.

With a shuttle machine, you load a rotor core with mold and the mold shuttles to a clamping cylinder. A guard is put in place and the shuttle machine injects molten metal into the cavity. Once the part solidifies and is finished, lubrication is applied, and then a mold or spray is released on the shot sleeve, piston, and tooling. The cycle then automatically repeats to make the next part.

Shuttle machines are designed for large molds, as well as multiple molds. The carrier plates and arms are large enough so that they are sturdy during operation. The arms can also do two consecutive cycles. For example, while the molten metal solidifies in the cavity, another part can be services or tested, or the arm direction can be changed to offset or straight.

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