Want To Finish The Basement In Your Older House? Ask An Expert About These Electrical Concerns

19 May 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If you are ready to finish the basement and you want to turn your space into a recreational living area, there are some things that you want to have done by professional contractors. Even if you are capable of doing a lot of DIY projects, one of the things that you don't want to attempt is electrical work. If you want to have lighting, televisions, or other electronics in the basement, you want to make sure that you can add the electrical wiring where needed and that your home can handle it. Here are some of the things you want to talk with a contractor about.

Adding Another Breaker Box

If you are worried that your current breaker box can't handle adding more electrical components to it, you may want to add another breaker box. This will be more money, but it's worth the cost if you want to reduce electrical hassles and complications, along with electrical dangers. Have the electrical service provider asses your current situation to see if another box is necessary.

The Layout Options

You probably have in your mind where you want the television to be, and where you want to have lighting. This may not be possible. The electrician has to see where they can move and arrange lighting. Ask about having these things:

  • Canned lighting to conserve space
  • Wall touch screen controls to control electrical devices
  • Wireless internet connection
  • Track lighting above seating areas

The electrician will go over the possibilities to see what works and doesn't, and then you can pick out your lighting fixtures.

Cost of all Wiring and Component Installation

Once you have gone over all the things that you want, you can then get an estimate for the cost of the project. This cost breakdown and quote should include:

  • Estimate for labor expenses
  • Cost for fixtures and all materials required
  • Estimated completion date

You may also want to contact your homeowners insurance company and get a cost for temporary renovation insurance, so you don't end up with expensive damages if there are any complications.

If you want to finish your basement and you plan on having a lot of devices or appliances that require electricity, you want to meet with an expert to make sure that your house can handle it. Professionals like Albarell Electric Inc can make sure the basement has everything you want and that the property is safe.