Using Sandblasting To Prepare Your Final Surfaces

18 May 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Sandblasting has been around for a long time and is used for many different purposes. The process can be messy, so containing the blasting media is pretty important but when used correctly, sandblast can remove unwanted materials from the surface of an item without marring or damaging the part. It takes practice to learn the process perfectly but an experienced sandblaster can strip off paint and other things off materials without ever scratching the material surface.

Paint Removal

Years of old paint can be layered onto a part or item that you want to strip off. Getting all that old paint off without sanding through layer after layer is tough. Sandblasting is a good choice in this situation. It will penetrate the paint and remove it from the item with ease but it does take an experienced operator to do so without any damage to the item itself. Trying to remove too much material too fast can cause damage to the item.

Removing Rust From Steel

One very common use of sandblasting is to remove rust from metals. The auto body repair industry routinely uses blasting with remove rust from body panels and other parts when restoring a car. The panel underneath might be salvageable or may need to be replaced but until all the rust is been removed, it can be hard to tell. In some cases, a completely disassembled shell of the car is sent out to be blasted. Especially if it is an old car being completely restored to original condition.

Media Blasting Versus Sandblasting

The term sandblasting refers to using an abrasive sand in varying textures and coarseness to remove material. There is an alternative to sandblasting that has become popular in recent years. Media Blasting is a similar process as sandblasting but the media used may be glass beads, plastic beads or a natural material. While it can be used in many similar situations as sandblasting, it can not completely replace sandblasting in effectiveness. The cleanup is easier and the media is better for the environment but it does not have the same course properties that sand has.

Sandblasting Equipment For Your Shop

If you will be blasting parts in your shop or garage, you definitely want to invest in the right tools. The blasting gun, the compressor, and the protective equipment are critical. You may also want to invest in a blasting cabinet that will contain the media and keep your shop clean. For big jobs like car bodies and frames, a sandblasting booth may be the best path. The booth is big and will take up a lot of space but it makes working with large items a lot easier and keeps the media out of the shop.

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