A Few Questions About Construction Dumpster Rentals

17 May 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Construction dumpsters are a common sight around major building or renovation projects. When you are looking to undertake one of these projects, you will need to procure one of these dumpsters so that you can dispose of the garbage that your project is likely to produce. Being prepared to rent a construction dumpster is not an overly difficult task, but it will require a basic understanding of the steps that are involved with this process.

What If You Choose A Dumpster That Is Too Small Or Large?

Selecting a dumpster that will be the right size for your needs is an important decision to make. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult for individuals to accurately estimate the size of dumpster that they will require if they are new to these projects. Luckily, renting a dumpster that is too large will pose little to no problem for you as there will simply be unused space in it. However, there will be a maximum fill line, and this can make choosing a dumpster that is too small slightly more problematic. When this issue arises, you must contact the dumpster provider to have it emptied. Otherwise, you may face a fine for overfilling the dumpster as this can pose a safety hazard to both cars and pedestrians when the dumpster is being hauled to the landfill.

What Are The Item Restrictions For A Construction Dumpster?

It may seem like it is unnecessary for there to be restrictions on the items that can be placed in a construction dumpster. However, placing toxic chemicals, electronics or batteries in these dumpsters can lead to a higher risk environmental contamination occurring as the area of the landfill designated for this debris will not be designed to contain these substances. You will need to consult the rules of the local dumpster service that you choose to know the exact list of banned items and substances as these rules will vary according to the rules of the landfill that is being used.

What If You Are Unable To Toss Your Debris Over The Dumpster's High Walls?

The walls to the dumpster may be extremely high. In fact, they can easily surpass a person's shoulders or head, and this can make it rather difficult to toss heavy items into it. Luckily, you can avoid this need by renting a dumpster that has a door. With these dumpsters, a wall of the unit will be designed to either lower or swing open, and this will allow you to easily walk into the dumpster so that you can conveniently deposit your trash.

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