Lenexa KS HID Lighting And Accessories

11 July 2013
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Lenexa KS HID lighting or High Intensity Discharge lights are a type of electrical gas discharge lamp. The lamp is able to produce light by means of electricity, electrodes, and arc tubes. The tubes are filled with metal and gas salts. In the process of turning on the Lenexa KS HID lighting, the metal salts are heated and eventually evaporate. The evaporated salts then form a plasma, which increases the brightness of the light and also reduces the power consumption at the same time. High Intensity Discharge lighting are designed to be brighter and more efficient than fluorescent and incandescent lights. HID lights are regularly used in large areas or buildings where bright lights are needed. These areas may include warehouses, theaters, stadiums, gymnasiums, parking lots, and more. HID lights have also been known to be used in retail and residential areas. HID lights are normally required to contain UV-blocking filters. The exposure to High Intensity Discharge lights without the use of the UV-blocking filters can cause serious injury to humans and to animals. If the lights are used without the proper filters, they can cause sunburns and eye dysfunctions. High Intensity Discharge lights are made to extinguish themselves if the UV-shield breaks.