3 Tips To Keep In Mind When Selecting Industrial Control Boxes

26 July 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Control boxes play an important role in many industries, as they house and protect many electrical components and systems. If your company is in need of some, it's important to remember these tips. They can help you select the right control boxes in a stress-free manner. 

Think About Intended Environment 

There are some control boxes that are intended to go outside, while others are strictly reserved for inside environments. You need to know what the intended environment is before committing to one of these control boxes, because otherwise, severe complications could arise.

Outside fiberglass electrical enclosures typically are larger and feature weatherproof materials. You thus don't have to worry as much about your control boxes suffering from rust or corrosion over the years. Conversely, inside control boxes won't have as durable of a design. This typically means their costs are significantly lower, but you will need to put more effort into maintaining them over the years. 

Choose a Reliable Manufacturer 

Not all manufacturers are equal when it comes to control boxes. Some are much better than others, making it important for you to conduct ample research in an effort to find one that's reliable and produces high-quality control boxes on a consistent basis.

The best resources for finding these manufacturers are customer reviews online. They enable you to quickly see what types of experiences previous customers have had with a particular manufacturer. If you see nothing but positive reviews for any one particular manufacturer, chances are you've found a good match. Follow up by looking at their inventory and making sure they offer control boxes that work for your operations.

Opt for Warranties

Even when you purchase from a reputable manufacturer, sometimes their control boxes don't hold up the way you hoped. This won't have to be a problem if the company you buy from offers warranties on their inventory.

Look for warranties that last a couple of years, so if a problem does happen during this time frame, you won't have to pay to have the control box repaired or replaced. Instead, the company you purchased from will take care of these costs. Warranties just give you extra financial protection and a peace of mind regarding unforeseen circumstances. 

If your company's operations rely on control boxes, make sure you take your time looking over the available options. The more research and planning that goes into this buying process, the better control boxes you can ultimately purchase.