Ordering Film Cores: What You Will Need To Tell The Supplier

1 January 2019
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Industry is a fascinating thing. If humans can make it, they can build an entire company around the production of any product. Take film core suppliers, for example. These companies focus their time and energy producing tubes around which the world's paper, plastic wrap, foil, etc., are wound. Now, if your company focuses on making products that require winding up for better storage, you are inclined to purchase film cores from the suppliers that make them. Read More 

Arguing With A Savvy Gold Seller? How To Win The Argument

13 November 2018
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The "information super-highway" that makes everyone an "expert" is often what causes a lot of problems for a lot of businesses. Yes, you should never attempt any sort of transaction without sounding well-informed and intelligent, but you also should not come off sounding like an expert (unless you actually are an expert and have either the degrees or experience to back it). That said, everyone is a little savvy when it comes to this or that. Read More 

Three Applications Of Ceramic Sand And What It Does In Each

3 October 2018
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Ceramic sand sounds like such a strange product. Yet when you understand that ceramic products come from sand and glass, it kind of makes sense. Moreover, a gritty, rolled-ball product that is kiln-fired for durability helps you understand how this kind of "sand" is a ceramic product and not technically a sand product. If you are the really curious type, you probably now want to know what ceramic sand is used for. Read More 

Basic Application Of Overmolded Cable In Military And High-Demand Situations

30 August 2018
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Military spec wiring is wiring that is designed to withstand pretty much any and every hazard that it could face. From weather-related threats to chemical exposure, these wires can stand up to it all. If you need heavy-duty wiring for a project you are working on, you may want military spec wiring or overmolded cable. Here's a look at the basics of overmolded cable and its basic durability. Overmolded Cable Basics Read More 

3 Tips To Keep In Mind When Selecting Industrial Control Boxes

26 July 2018
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Control boxes play an important role in many industries, as they house and protect many electrical components and systems. If your company is in need of some, it's important to remember these tips. They can help you select the right control boxes in a stress-free manner.  Think About Intended Environment  There are some control boxes that are intended to go outside, while others are strictly reserved for inside environments. You need to know what the intended environment is before committing to one of these control boxes, because otherwise, severe complications could arise. Read More